Sunday, October 27, 2013

In due time~

Sorry I haven't been updating this blog as much lately. I won't lie, I've been distracted with some awesome video games. I've also been trying to get better at drawing and all that stuff. But in the end, I really just need to get down and start making tile sets.
Still WIP, but over time there will be more details. This is one of the first dungeons Mihli, Alice, and Levin will have to tackle as they join together and become part of L.G.I.U. (Livana Guild Investigation Unit). It will be a awhile before I get any gameplay footage up, since I have to make Livana as well. But I truly want to make this a game to remember. My biggest inspiration as some know comes from the Legend of Heroes series (Sora no Kiseki, Zero/Ao no Kiseki, and Sen no Kiseki). And I have a lot to live up to if I ever hope to compare to having a game as awesome as their series.

Also, the battle system is currently being built as well. The graphics in this video is currently beta/placeholder until I finish nonRTP graphics:

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Well then...

So, my art computer I had finally crashed and burned (a bit sooner then I had hoped, and just in time for finals week :'D). Dropbox is being stupid and pretty much I can't access my files from it, and my HDD is gone (of all the things to go down...). So what's happening with the project now? Well I did have most of the pixel art resources backed up, thank god, since I had sent them to a friend recently.

However, the battle system, drawn art, and HUD stuff is gone. So, now is really the time to rethink the battle system. I have 3 options, and whichever people want the most, will be the battle system I go with.

Tactical Input Battle System v3.0

Alright! So you all remember Wings of Eternia's battle system?

Well I had an updated version of the battle system planned, where this time, you control all 3~4 party members. How is that? Well you know how you started a combo with one of the directional keys? Each character would be linked to one of those keys. Battle system would be still active time. Everyone's HP would be pooled together. Pretty much you press a key to access a character, then press one of the 4 keys to pick the type of skill you want, then you select the skill in that category. The character then has a cool down before you can use them again. However, you are able to use the other characters as well during that time. This idea wouldn't take long to get into effect, and I could move forward quicker.

Original HN Battle System

This would take a little while to rebuild D: there were a lot of complicated checkings and what not. But yeah, just check the previous videos in my blog to see it (if you haven't already).

Lunar + Grandia Battle System

Alright, so pretty much what I would be taking from the two battle systems would pretty much kinda make this like a hybrid Trails in the Sky, Lunar, Grandia battle system combination of awesome.
Pretty much the field would be similar to Lunar. I would divide up the battlefield on a 16x16 grid system. Turn order would be like how I previously had it, a delay system. However, you would have abilities that could shift the turn order depending on when used. After selecting an ability, there would be a "charge" phase, so it doesn't go off right away. If you used a canceling moving during this phase, it would increase their delay and prevent them from using the skill. This might be harder to do then the original HN battle sys, but it would just be doing the path finding and being done with it.

So let me know what you think either in the chat box, or on twitter @LevinHN
Also, I've upgraded to RPG Maker VX ACE

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Update 11/27/12

Sorry! I really need to update this more! If you follow my twitter I usually let a few things slip, or my DA I post concept art and stuff.

Anyways, here is the current status of the game. Right now it's a lot of working on the graphic resources. Battle system is close to being ready. Honestly, a lot of concept stuff isn't nailed down until I actually get it into the game, so I won't say much on other features at this time =/ For now, here is some art of the characters who are going to be in HN.

Also lately I've been trying out new tricks on coloring. So will be going back and fixing up some art. Example:
I'm sorry for the long wait for really not much to show for it =( but I'll keep on trucking. I'd rather deliver an awesome game then a crappy one!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Battle Tutorial + More Info

Amagad I finally replaced the banner with another bad banner. One day I'll actually have all the resources to do something flashy for a blog layout/design ._.
Well, until then this is what I can do.

Anyways, I have been at work with HN, it's just slow like always. Mostly I've been working on a lot of art stuff. I've been getting better at drawing, and hopefully will not have crappy art =| Trying to get better. I've always been a technical person, where I have excelled at building stuff and logic structures rather then creating something from imagination and being able to put that on paper (or this case, SAI). Though, through forcing myself to get better, I have been. I guess in a nerdy way of thinking about it, it's like an elder scroll game. My major skills are stuff like programming, or building systems (so I level up really fast in that). Where as my art is a minor skill, so it takes a lot more work to level up.

Well, most of you have probably already seen the video, but figured I'd post it here as well:

I've also created a design for HN's main icon/symbol when doing spray paint stuff with a friend.

I'll eventually do a version in photoshop, but there have been designs based around it. I've been working on a lot of the side story stuff. Like how Mihli is a mechanic and such, since she doesn't dropkick stuff 24/7. So I've been working on wingcraft designs for my game.

Wingcrafts will play a role in the game, however, they will not be the main focus (like, it's not all about flying and such). You'll get to upgrade and switch parts on some wingcrafts since I'm planning on doing a wingcraft battle system (like Skies of Arcadia).

Lastly, I'll be finally writing up some tutorials on stuff for eventing in RMVX when I get some free time. I've been putting it off, but my old tutorial is much outdated. So until then, I'll leave off with some character sketches of characters that will be in HN (not playable).

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Clean Up and Revival

So I realize I haven't been updating as often as I should, and a lot of stuff lately is kind of outdated (post previous to battle system change etc). Once I start getting resources done, the blog will get a facelift. New banner, and layout (hopefully). Also, I removed the chat box because of too many bots. If anyone has a better one they know of, please let me know.

As for the game, for the time being I'm only focusing on Mihli/Levin's side of the storyline. If the storyline draws out too long, I might have to cut them into two separate games. I'm doing all the art resources (pixel art/character design art) myself, so it may take a little time. However, the exchange is that everything will look nice (AND NOT RTP).

The Sunglow Weald is an example of this. The battle system is near completion. Only thing left is doing the animations~ and the Turn Bonus.

For now, have a Mihli sprite. I hope to bring good news in the following weeks.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Recommended Tools for Eventers

One of my major things when it comes to eventing is trying to remove as much scripting influence as possible when it comes to making something from the ground up. However, the exception to this is scripts that act as tools for eventers. These scripts are very nice from unlocking the limitations that were placed with the default VX system.

Two scripts I would recommend, and they are the only two I'm using at the moment, are Modern Algebra's Extra Event Pictures and Fix Pictures to Map. The first script is a no brainer. You need that if you are going to create any types of HUDs that display stats. 20 pictures is just not enough for anything extensive. My battle system uses over 60 pictures.

The 2nd script is used for it's Picture Z. By default, pictures are placed above everything else except "Fade in/out" feature. Animations play below them, and so forth. What this script does is enable a feature that lets you place pictures below events. The best part is, this script doesn't take effect unless you turn the switch on and change the Z variable (which you set what variable/switch # you want to use in the script setup). Now if you create a battle system, you can do multiple things that you couldn't do other wise. When using events as character/enemy graphics you are locked to the grid. Any smooth animations or custom effects would require a whole lot more resources then it does just moving the picture's X/Y. You can also do stuff now like Zoom effects and dynamic skills that blackout the background for special effects.

Here are the links to Modern Algebra's scripts (on
Extra Event Pictures
Fix Pictures to Map

Make sure to credit him if you use them~

Also I leave you with some progress I'm making on the display. The actions you queue up are shown below the help text.