Sunday, October 27, 2013

In due time~

Sorry I haven't been updating this blog as much lately. I won't lie, I've been distracted with some awesome video games. I've also been trying to get better at drawing and all that stuff. But in the end, I really just need to get down and start making tile sets.
Still WIP, but over time there will be more details. This is one of the first dungeons Mihli, Alice, and Levin will have to tackle as they join together and become part of L.G.I.U. (Livana Guild Investigation Unit). It will be a awhile before I get any gameplay footage up, since I have to make Livana as well. But I truly want to make this a game to remember. My biggest inspiration as some know comes from the Legend of Heroes series (Sora no Kiseki, Zero/Ao no Kiseki, and Sen no Kiseki). And I have a lot to live up to if I ever hope to compare to having a game as awesome as their series.

Also, the battle system is currently being built as well. The graphics in this video is currently beta/placeholder until I finish nonRTP graphics: