Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Well then...

So, my art computer I had finally crashed and burned (a bit sooner then I had hoped, and just in time for finals week :'D). Dropbox is being stupid and pretty much I can't access my files from it, and my HDD is gone (of all the things to go down...). So what's happening with the project now? Well I did have most of the pixel art resources backed up, thank god, since I had sent them to a friend recently.

However, the battle system, drawn art, and HUD stuff is gone. So, now is really the time to rethink the battle system. I have 3 options, and whichever people want the most, will be the battle system I go with.

Tactical Input Battle System v3.0

Alright! So you all remember Wings of Eternia's battle system?

Well I had an updated version of the battle system planned, where this time, you control all 3~4 party members. How is that? Well you know how you started a combo with one of the directional keys? Each character would be linked to one of those keys. Battle system would be still active time. Everyone's HP would be pooled together. Pretty much you press a key to access a character, then press one of the 4 keys to pick the type of skill you want, then you select the skill in that category. The character then has a cool down before you can use them again. However, you are able to use the other characters as well during that time. This idea wouldn't take long to get into effect, and I could move forward quicker.

Original HN Battle System

This would take a little while to rebuild D: there were a lot of complicated checkings and what not. But yeah, just check the previous videos in my blog to see it (if you haven't already).

Lunar + Grandia Battle System

Alright, so pretty much what I would be taking from the two battle systems would pretty much kinda make this like a hybrid Trails in the Sky, Lunar, Grandia battle system combination of awesome.
Pretty much the field would be similar to Lunar. I would divide up the battlefield on a 16x16 grid system. Turn order would be like how I previously had it, a delay system. However, you would have abilities that could shift the turn order depending on when used. After selecting an ability, there would be a "charge" phase, so it doesn't go off right away. If you used a canceling moving during this phase, it would increase their delay and prevent them from using the skill. This might be harder to do then the original HN battle sys, but it would just be doing the path finding and being done with it.

So let me know what you think either in the chat box, or on twitter @LevinHN
Also, I've upgraded to RPG Maker VX ACE