Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Update 11/27/12

Sorry! I really need to update this more! If you follow my twitter I usually let a few things slip, or my DA I post concept art and stuff.

Anyways, here is the current status of the game. Right now it's a lot of working on the graphic resources. Battle system is close to being ready. Honestly, a lot of concept stuff isn't nailed down until I actually get it into the game, so I won't say much on other features at this time =/ For now, here is some art of the characters who are going to be in HN.

Also lately I've been trying out new tricks on coloring. So will be going back and fixing up some art. Example:
I'm sorry for the long wait for really not much to show for it =( but I'll keep on trucking. I'd rather deliver an awesome game then a crappy one!