Thursday, February 2, 2012

Battle Tutorial + More Info

Amagad I finally replaced the banner with another bad banner. One day I'll actually have all the resources to do something flashy for a blog layout/design ._.
Well, until then this is what I can do.

Anyways, I have been at work with HN, it's just slow like always. Mostly I've been working on a lot of art stuff. I've been getting better at drawing, and hopefully will not have crappy art =| Trying to get better. I've always been a technical person, where I have excelled at building stuff and logic structures rather then creating something from imagination and being able to put that on paper (or this case, SAI). Though, through forcing myself to get better, I have been. I guess in a nerdy way of thinking about it, it's like an elder scroll game. My major skills are stuff like programming, or building systems (so I level up really fast in that). Where as my art is a minor skill, so it takes a lot more work to level up.

Well, most of you have probably already seen the video, but figured I'd post it here as well:

I've also created a design for HN's main icon/symbol when doing spray paint stuff with a friend.

I'll eventually do a version in photoshop, but there have been designs based around it. I've been working on a lot of the side story stuff. Like how Mihli is a mechanic and such, since she doesn't dropkick stuff 24/7. So I've been working on wingcraft designs for my game.

Wingcrafts will play a role in the game, however, they will not be the main focus (like, it's not all about flying and such). You'll get to upgrade and switch parts on some wingcrafts since I'm planning on doing a wingcraft battle system (like Skies of Arcadia).

Lastly, I'll be finally writing up some tutorials on stuff for eventing in RMVX when I get some free time. I've been putting it off, but my old tutorial is much outdated. So until then, I'll leave off with some character sketches of characters that will be in HN (not playable).