Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Recommended Tools for Eventers

One of my major things when it comes to eventing is trying to remove as much scripting influence as possible when it comes to making something from the ground up. However, the exception to this is scripts that act as tools for eventers. These scripts are very nice from unlocking the limitations that were placed with the default VX system.

Two scripts I would recommend, and they are the only two I'm using at the moment, are Modern Algebra's Extra Event Pictures and Fix Pictures to Map. The first script is a no brainer. You need that if you are going to create any types of HUDs that display stats. 20 pictures is just not enough for anything extensive. My battle system uses over 60 pictures.

The 2nd script is used for it's Picture Z. By default, pictures are placed above everything else except "Fade in/out" feature. Animations play below them, and so forth. What this script does is enable a feature that lets you place pictures below events. The best part is, this script doesn't take effect unless you turn the switch on and change the Z variable (which you set what variable/switch # you want to use in the script setup). Now if you create a battle system, you can do multiple things that you couldn't do other wise. When using events as character/enemy graphics you are locked to the grid. Any smooth animations or custom effects would require a whole lot more resources then it does just moving the picture's X/Y. You can also do stuff now like Zoom effects and dynamic skills that blackout the background for special effects.

Here are the links to Modern Algebra's scripts (on rmrk.net)
Extra Event Pictures
Fix Pictures to Map

Make sure to credit him if you use them~

Also I leave you with some progress I'm making on the display. The actions you queue up are shown below the help text.